Food & Wine

On the ancient salt road that connects the Ligurian Sea to the plain, the Vatrebbia offers many ideas for those wishing to try new culinary emotions.
The point of contact between the Po valley and the Mediterranean sea, the flavors merge into a symphony of perfumes and aromas. From the typical specialties of an Emilian cuisine with dominant first courses and cured meats, typical of rural life, you go up the Valtrebbia where the contaminations of Ligurian culture, in a wonderful and unknown hinterland, can be discovered with savory pies, stuffed vegetables and first hints of pesto with condiments. The first trenette with pesto with potatoes and green beans can be tasted from Marsaglia, just after, with the green brass shutters, and the scuretti called “jealousies” half open on the geranium balconies, the descent to the sea begins.
All to be discovered is the bread from the various artisan ovens which, in various variations: with potatoes, olives, panfocaccia etc, is accompanied by the dop cup, salami and unforgettable bacon.
Local wines with a strong tradition such as Trebbiano and Ortrugo but with many cellars that have developed new high quality products also in Biodynamic; the second generation of young vigneron has a look at the world to offer new and old Trebbia Shire products.