: A circuit of castles, villages and ancient houses of great value will amaze the cultural tourist with events and manifestations that, especially during the summer, animate the villages and squares of the various villages in the county. Jazz concerts, village festivals, film festivals and guided visits to castles: Rivalta, Agazzano, Rezzanello.
The famous battle of the Trebbia takes us back to the time of Hannibal who camped with his troops on the banks of the Trebbia between Rivergaro and Tuna to rest the Elephants and the soldiers and then clash with the Roman legions stationed in the Piacenza area.
In the Middle Ages some historical families settled with their castles such as the Zanardi Landi in Rivalta, the Gonzaga in Agazzano, the Malaspina between Bobbio and Ottone. In addition to the more famous ones that can also be visited, there are other minor private castles that have preserved and restored these wonderful residences overlooking the river loops in the valley.
Not to be missed: the Bobbio Film Festival in August, the stages of the Piacenza Jazz festival, trespassing the Wine Festival in the nearby Valtidone and many festivals that from June to September celebrate the various local saints. Music and dancing tasting the specialties cooked by the inhabitants with the old rites. You can still breathe that joy of living in the relaxation of summer evenings where everything is mixed with the sign of happiness and being together. Old, children, boys and girls among folk music, good wine, beer and fireworks.